12 Summer Break Ideas for Teachers

Posted by Samantha Shaw on Jul 26, 2018 4:56:23 PM

Summer Break-01Summer is in full swing. We hope you're having some fun in the sun – just don't forget the sunscreen! Here are some ideas for things to do with your extra free time before school is back in session.

Sun 01Land a summer job.
Use your free time to make some extra money. Sign up to work in a summer school program or land a seasonal job that's both fun and rewarding.
Click here for some fun summer job ideas for teachers.


Sun 02Plan a vacation (or a stay-cation).
Summer is a great time to take a vacation without interfering with your job. You don't need to go far or spend big to enjoy a getaway – go to a local museum, see a show, or try that new restaurant in town. The options are endless!


Sun 03Take on a DIY project. 
Tackle the home improvement process that's been on your wish list for years. Try out that mouth-watering recipe you stumbled upon. Try your hand at a Pinterest-worthy arts and crafts projects. No matter what you decide to do, DIY projects are always gratifying.


Sun 04Indulge in a spa day.
You made it through another school year – which means you deserve some pampering. Enjoy a massage, a facial, a mani/pedi... tack on the aroma therapy and you'll emerge a brand new person. Hey, you've earned it!

Sun 05Catch up on your sleep.
Exhausted from the school year or a lively summer social calendar? Enjoy some extra ZzZzZs. Grant yourself the luxury of not setting your alarm, or enjoy a midday nap. Ahhh that sounds wonderful.


Sun 06Catch up on your reading... or TV.
Children often get summer reading lists. Why not catch up on some reading yourself? Curl up in your favorite chair and lose yourself in a novel. Reading's not your thing? Well TV's never been better, and it doesn't hurt to binge watch six seasons of the latest hit series!

Sun 07Get some fresh air.
Fresh air is good for your soul and summer comes with weather that allows you to spend time outdoors. Go for a hike or to a festival. Head to the beach or zoo. Just remember to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!


Sun 08Get in shape.
It can be a challenge to find time to dedicate to a healthy eating and exercise plan. Summer break is your chance to get into a new healthy routine that you can carry into the school year! (Although – those summer barbecues are hard to resist!)

Sun 09Clean and de-clutter your home.
OK, cleaning is not exactly exciting, but just think of the serenity that comes with a squeaky-clean and de-cluttered home. Time to open the windows and enjoy some fresh air!

Sun 10Give Back.
Can't get enough of giving back to your community? Use your summer break to pursue a passion project or become a volunteer. There are plenty of organizations that would love to have your help.

Sun 11Indulge in some retail therapy.
Whether you're itching to get your hands on some warm-weather threads or ready to assemble your new fall wardrobe, gather your bargain-hunting tools and hit the mall or outlets for some sweet summer deals.


Sun 12

Hone your skills.
Summer is the perfect time to improve upon your career skills by taking an online course or an in-person training. Professional development is always a worthy investment of your time!

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