Congratulations to Our December Employees of the Month!

Posted by Jessica Bateman on Jan 19, 2018 5:03:48 PM

EOM Blog Header ESS S4T M1.pngEach month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews about excellent ESS|Source4Teachers and MissionOne employees, from which we select an employee of the month from each organization. We're pleased to honor our December winners!

Source4Excellence Winner: Marcia White, Virgina
Marcia joined ESS|Source4Teachers in 2015 and has since been a consistent presence in the Hampton City Schools. She not only covers daily assignments, but also has taken the role of a long-term substitute in times of need. She was nominated by Lorenda Beau, Administrative Secretary at Hampton:

"Mrs. White is an amazing sub and hands-down needs this award. She is loved by all students, parents, and staff. She has amazing work ethic, and when thrown in any situation, she puts forth every effort to get the job done. When she was a long-term substitute at our school, she was left with no lesson plans and an un-decorated room. Mrs. White came in and got to work. She did not complain. She created her own lesson plans and even put in grades for progress reports and report cards." said Lorenda.


Mission of Excellence Winner: Edwin Ortiz, New Jersey
Edwin Ortiz has been working at Burlington Township Middle School since 2012. He currently fills two roles at the school, a special education aide and an extracurricular aide. He was recommended for this award by the vice principal of Burlington Township Middle School. ESS|MissionOne Area Manager, Daina Norman, had some wonderful things to say about Edwin:  

"Consistent, knowledgeable, reliable, and team player are all adjectives that describe Edwin Ortiz. Having been in the district since ESS|MissionOne’s entry, Mr. Ortiz has been able to provide a familiar face, year after year, to all of the students coming through the supported programs at Burlington Township Middle School. Mr. Ortiz excels in any position he holds and is able to provide the very best support to students, staff, and peers in the school." said Dai.


Congratulations Marcia and Edwin – and keep up the excellent work!

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