Congratulations to Our Semptember Employees of the Month!

Posted by Samantha Shaw on Oct 13, 2017 11:27:53 AM

EOM Blog Header ESS S4T M1.pngEach month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews about excellent ESS|Source4Teachers and MissionOne employees, from which we select an employee of the month from each organization. We're pleased to honor our September winners!

Mikaela Condon - Sept 17.jpgSource4Excellence Winner: Mikaela Condon, Rhode Island
Mikaela began this school year filling a long-term kindergarten role at Johnston's Early Childhood Center. We recently received a letter full of praise for Mikaela from the mother of one of the children in her class. 

Lori La Terra Bellina wrote that her son, Alessio had some trouble adjusting to kindergarten and would often be in tears when he was dropped off at school. On his first day this year, Mikaela ("Mrs. Mac") let him stay back when the rest of the class went to gym, had an uplifting talk with him and the school counselor, and then spent some quiet time with him in the classroom. This gave him the chance to regain his composure before his peers returned. The thoughtfulness shown by Mikaela gave Alessio the confidence he needed to fight through any separation nerves and jump into Kindergarten! "We are so grateful Mrs. Mac was there this fall to show Alessio that school is a welcoming, supportive space where learning can be fun and new challenges are exciting!" said La Terra Bellina.


Regan Dembowski - Sept 17.jpgMission of Excellence Winner: Regan Dembowski, Pennsylvania
Regan started her career with ESS|MissionOne in February 2017, and hasn't missed a day of work since! She works as a Personal Care Assistant (or PCA) at the Luzerne Intermediate Unit and was nominated by ESS|MissionOne Area Manager, Maureen Iskra. 

"Regan has been a wonderful asset to our ESS|MissionOne team. She is currently working with a student who is transitioning from a regular education classroom to a special education classroom. The school was nervous about this transition, but reported that Regan has done a wonderful job and her student is adjusting beautifully. Regan has also demonstrated great flexibility by filling in for other PCAs when her student is absent and we've needed her somewhere else. I have heard nothing but wonderful things from the teachers she works with, and even from the parents of the student she works with! She is intelligent, kind, dependable, and has a knack for working with children. She is anexemplaryemployee, and we are lucky to have her on our team!" said Iskra.

Congratulations Mikaela and Regan – and keep up the excellent work!

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